Business Sectors

Iyconsoft provides a comprehensive suite of Value-Added-Services and Enterprise solutions to enable Mobile Network Operators to enhance their Product Offerings and improve Mobile engagement with their subscribers.
Iyconsoft’s solutions cut across multiple services including Mobile Marketing, Mobile Gateways (SMS, USSD, IVR, Apps), Mobile Payments, Value-Added Services and Business Intelligence. Today, Iyconsoft engages over 100million subscribers in Nigeria with different kinds of Telecommunications solutions.

Iyconsoft is a leading indigenous provider of full end-to-end Mobile Lottery Platforms. Our Lottery Platforms are validate by world renowned auditors and are currently in-use to deliver lottery services and games to over 1 Million customers and counting!

Iyconsoft  provides a suite of Electronic Health Records and Hospital Management software to help digitize hospitals and HMOs. With Iyconsoft’s powerful digital platform, Health-Care Providers are able to gain great efficiency in Health Care Management and Financial Management in the Health-Care business. Iyconsoft offers both In-House and Cloud-Based solutions for Health-Care Providers.

Mobile Financial Services is borne out of the convergence of lifestyle services to mobile phones. Iyconsoft provides Mobile Financial Services including Contextual Marketing for auto-recharge, Micro-Finance/Loans, Handset Financing and Bill Payments. With Iyconsoft’s suite of Mobile Channels (USSD, SMS, IVR, Web) we are able to deploy MFS services directly to the mobile users via any channel of their preference.